Perhaps you feel that having a fully detailed design manual and functional and attractive website is enough? That is only half of the success. You need people to find and visit your website. But you need and want to know the exact kind of people to bring to your website. You don’t want just anybody, you need to reach out and attract those people who achieve your objectives ... those who are buying, subscribing, signing up, contributing to a project, recommending your site to their friends, etc. You’re looking for those that register positive energy to your web presence. But how do you find and speak to such people? This is done by online marketing. Depending on the nature of your project, you want to set up the optimal array of online tools to achieve the most efficient and dynamic use of resources and put your potential into high gear.


  • Complete analysis of your product offering- who is your target group, what is your market position, who is your competition, etc. Based on this, we define the keywords and the target group of customers best suited to your intended audience.
  • Create your website if you don’t already have one; or we can create it for you.
  • Set up optimal internet campaigns
  • Analyse and test and re-analyse and retest - we track statistical results, campaign success and customer behaviour on the first most critical days after the launch.
  • Based on the statistics, we will optimize your campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of your financial expenditures; we want to ensure that you have a bottom line in the black.


We are all by nature social creatures and everything you plan has to take this into account. Your will want to have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts at a minimum. Attract your potential customers with targeted, meaningful communication and focused advertising in active and interactive places. Social networks of all kinds are interactive, connected and self-replicating.

Every day, people send photos to Facebook or Instagram, add references on LinkedIn, pin images on Pinterest. Professional social networking and effective communication with fans and followers is a fact that every successful company should focus on. Your presence is multiplied by your very presence.


PPC (pay per click) advertising – is a tool that sells on your behalf, without you having to actively do any additional work. If you want to ensure high web traffic and sales, PPC will provide you with the exact targeting of the customer in the internet environment via key words, Facebook profiles, etc. You only pay for this advertising when a user clicks on the banner ad. The advantage is that you control exactly how much you want to spend on each campaign. The launch of the campaign is immediate and you can start selling immediately, or you can stop the campaign at once. The banner ad is shown on Google, Facebook accounts, and other graphic banners on various websites. We have plenty of experience with this in order to assist you in making this aspect profitable for you. Google Ads is a system that allows these ads to appear in the Google search engine and its partner sites. It works on the principle of credit re-charging. Google Analytics will help you determine whether traffic and behaviour at your site is staying on track with your objectives.


E-mail marketing is a frequently used tool to communicate with customers, it strengthens relationships and increases the loyalty of your customers. It is used for sending regular information, notifications of current sales or links to new information, for example, on the website. We can help you design an entire newsletter/e-mail concept with coordinated e-mail blasts to a particular audience of your choosing (and of course, one-off mailing as well), attractive texts, appropriate graphics and overall visuals. Based on the analysis, we evaluate the rate of e-mail openings and click throughs on articles or offers and improve upon successive mailings based on best practices.