The power of a strong visual identity should not be underestimated. It creates trust, it creates a dynamic platform for all future business and it also imprints the company’s image in the mind of potential customers. Getting it right means getting ahead!

  • Logo & colour palette
  • Fonts & pictograms
  • Design manual
  • Illustrations
  • Custom-made photographs

At the heart of any company’s identity is the logo. It should be distinctive, attract attention and be the essence of the company’s personality. The colours used should impress and reflect the emotions that want to be conveyed and the font will define your style. Once a font has been chosen, it can be used throughout to create consistency across an array of applications. Showcasing your product using pictograms/icons is smart, clean and has a great impact. It shows the product details and features in an easy, simple manner without the need of additional text.

Our talent, craftsmanship and contemporary creativity enables us to root out exactly what a company needs to develop their unique brand image. Perhaps you already have a logo but need help in other areas or maybe you want us to start from scratch and develop the whole brand, whatever the case, we’ve got you covered! We work closely with our clients and we listen to our clients. We will summarize our activities and the creative process in a design manual and you can use this as a stepping stone in the development of your brand awareness.


  • Preparing a brand and vision analysis, what should it express
  • Creating two logo variants
  • Modifying the logo to the final form and designing its colour combination
  • Prepare the design manual where there are examples of how to use the logo and other elements in print, on promotional items, business cards and letterhead paper, and on everything that your company needs